I am a 23 year old artist living in Brooklyn, NY. I am currently a Social Media Designer for Vita Coco.

I graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology, where I pursued a double major in Visual Arts & Technology and Literature, and a minor in Marketing.

I’m continually being inspired by the people and world around me, and always interested in traveling and exploring new places. My hometown and childhood tend to be a large part of my work, growing up as a florists daughter at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains in Northern New York. My most recent muses have been the constant view of the New York skyline, the commuter life of New York and my occasional travels abroad. 

My work primarily deals with photographic influences, but is inspired by 3D and AR advancements.  There is a lot of experimentation as I learn new programs and technologies. I love to be very hands on in my work in fine arts and installations. My time as a Visual Display intern for Anthropologie Fifth Avenue, being some of the best months of my life. These elements have pushed me outside of my own style and comforts to explore other ways of doing things. I hope to convey constant curiosity of the world around me while embedding energy, color, and elements of life's lessons into my work.