Glimpse has been a year long senior capstone project that has evolved and grown into an architectural experience and appreciation for the buildings of Hoboken. 

Through 3D modeling and Augmented Reality, I was able to take eight historic buildings in Hoboken and bring them to life. 

Using a system of photography and 3D modeling in Cinema 4D I replicated the eight Hoboken buildings in a hand-made digital sense. Combining the 3D models with the augmentation on the photograph creates a movement between what is being seen and the conscious recognition of the buildings in their current locations.

To view the 3D models of the buildings, use the camera feature of the smart phone application Glimpse, that I created for this project. (Soon to be publicly available) Focus the camera on each of the close up images to reveal a 3D model of the building and then on the street shot to hear a historical fact or story about that building. 

As you travel from Uptown to Downtown Hoboken, I hope you are able to find the appreciation for these beautiful buildings and their historic architecture, as well as awareness for them the next time you take a stroll through the streets of Hoboken.




Aided the Project Coordinator and participating artists to execute successful augments. Consulted with artists to help them configure and upload their augments to the given platform. Actively tested the augments indoors and in the field on a regular basis. Helped to resolve any technical issues faced during the project. Finalized installation of signage for presentation of the AR Walking Tour of Mi Querido Barrio.