Well hello there friends, acquaintances, humans!

Somehow I’ve decided that 2019 will be the year of the blog. Maybe.

In any case, I’ve decided to give this a shot, and my first official post will but a shameless plug for @AnotherSkylinePic where I have just begun to sell prints! Its a wonderful new endeavor so if you or someone you know might be interested, reach out to me! Then be sure to head over to @anotherskylinepic and give a follow for all of your skyline photo related info and needs!

To give a little background on where this whole endeavor began, you could say it started when I came to Hoboken for college at Stevens Institute of Technology. Being on the tennis team, early morning practices were a must and thus my obsession with sunrise and sunset photos of the NYC skyline began. The name actually came from my two tennis captains when I was a freshman as I was always posting #AnotherSkylinePic.

Since college, I lived in Hoboken for another year, then hopped to the other side of the pond in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a year and then hopped to Hoboken back since May. I’m still an early riser and often awake by 5:30 every morning. Although, the dark winter mornings have been KILLING me this year, so I’m glad we’re finally past the longest day. I try to get outside every morning as it wakes me up and I love grabbing a coffee before it feels like anyone else is awake. In the warmer months I’ll usually be running in the mornings, which makes taking pictures of the skyline pretty convenient. Running also helps me scout out new vantage points!

I’m pretty excited about this whole journey of starting to sell prints and share the amazing views I see in the mornings with others. I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy seeing where this goes!